Saxophone & DJ

Fortunately, Berlin has become a hotspot for electronic music since the fall of the Berlin Wall, offering probably the world’s largest scene of underground clubs and events.

After his first visits to the Tresor Club, Niklas was hooked on the new electronic sound and the incredible vibe of the scene. Very early on, he began to accompany DJ sets on the saxophone with his effects unit.

Now he was able to use the saxophone with the sometimes brute Tekkno sound in a way that no one before him had done or dared to do. Sometimes like a synthesizer with eccentric pads and sounds, or selectively, almost percussively with manic energy.

This was followed by regular weekly gigs in the many clubs in Berlin and other cities. In Stockholm in the early 90s he met the DJ and promoter Danijel Alpha and they realized that their musical tastes complemented each other perfectly. .

The two began producing music and when Danijel moved to Berlin, the two performed several times a week in Berlin clubs for several years. (Danijel Alpha & Niklas on Sax) Soon they were traveling all over Europe to perform and also played at parties in Honduras and Thailand.

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Niklas Mascher

House, Soul, Funk, tekkno, Pop, Lounge und Jazz